Too Much Wine

So it’s been a few days.  I have not written.  I have not had much to write about.  I am currently engrossed in watching Game of Thrones.  I am now halfway through Season 3 and have learned of the King’s (Rob’s) “grandchild”. Isn’t it funny, that I worked so hard to find the right pregnancy test to test my urine to find out if I was pregnant..and all they had to do was miss a period. So much simpler then. No?

I am so unhappy!  I tried to tell “him” about it this evening and it fell on deaf ears.  “I think it’s all in your head” is what I heard but what I felt was a void.  A misunderstanding void.  I go to work. I come home. I take care of laundry, dishes, putting away laundry, homework, helping with dinner, baths, cleanup from dinner, pajamas, and bedtime.  This is for my own son and his three children when necessary.  Whatever is left of my time I spend studying for my classes or working.  I am SO unhappy! I tried to talk to “him” about it and I got nothing. My mistake. My misunderstanding. My melodramatic ways.

I am exhausted. I have had a half of a bottle of Sangria and a glass of Vodka and cranberry while watching Game of Thrones. Which I love.

I want romance. I want spontaneity and I am getting it with the cruise I am being taken on next weekend.

He does try. Bless  him.




My first

an intro to me and mine

This is hopefully the first of many blog entries that I will be doing. With that being said, I don’t know how I could possibly fit more into my busy schedule. But I will try.

For those of you wondering what a 38 year-old mother of one, stepmother of three, post-mortem examiner, mortuary student, and girlfriend to a true geographer would have to say…the answer is plenty. I experience new things on the daily, it seems, and invite you to experience them with me, if you’d like. If not, move along. We don’t need your kind here.

It is currently about 50 degrees in Florida and my windows are open as are my sliding doors. It’s beautiful. Apparently, it’s even snowed about an inch in Tallahassee and Jacksonville!  Amazing. The horses just outside the neighborhood are frolicking in the chilly wind and I miss the days I used to have my own.

I recently saw snow fall for the first time last month.  My love (of nearly three years) took me to NYC at Christmas time which was one of the top things to do on my bucket list. Then it snowed. Another bucket list item. Having him get down on one knee and propose in the middle of Central Park while it snowed at Christmas time in NYC; now that would have been something. But alas, he did not.  I was ecstatic nonetheless.  I had no idea what cold was until the day after the snow; the wet, messy, cloudy day after the snow. I could live without that.

Tonight B and I are taking the kids to the drive-in theater to see Jumanji.  We are heading out in our pajamas and picking up food to eat there.  Should be fun if they don’t freeze to death.  Floridians.